How long does it take to get my kitchen?

Depending on complexity of project and seasonal demands, lead times on material and production may vary. To get an accurate time of delivery, please discuss with your Designer and Installation Coordinator.

What is the difference between a solid panel door and a flat panel door?

In a Solid Panel Door the centre panel is 5/8" or 7/16" solid wood (vertical grain). And in a Flat Panel Door the centre panel is 1/4" thick composite core with vertical grain veneer

What information do I need for my first meeting with the kitchen designer?

Floor Plans (and/or digital pictures of the room), pictures from magazines or websites of ideas they may have, flooring samples, appliance specs, that they will be using.

Where can I purchase A-One Kitchen cabinetry?

A-One Kitchen cabinetry is sold at A-One Kitchen store in Edmonton, Alberta.

Can I customize A-One Kitchen cabinetry to my own needs?

Absolutely! Our store has trained kitchen designers who can help you. There are dozens of ways to maximize space, organize storage and create spectacular designer looks. Our designer can help you adapt the design to the height(s) of the cook and to disabilities. Our designer can also adjust the design to accommodate your budget.

Is your cabinetry stock, semi-custom or custom?

A-One Kitchen is a semi-custom cabinet. This is the best level for most buyers, and in fact, it is what most people buy. In contrast to stock cabinets, every A-One Kitchen is custom-designed and manufactured for a specific customer, not pulled from inventories like a stock cabinet is. This gives you much more control and many more design opportunities. A-One Kitchen cabinets are manufactured to consistent, tightly monitored standards. You know what you will get. Custom cabinets can vary significantly, can be hard to price accurately and can be very expensive!

How long is A-One Kitchen warranty?

A-One Kitchen current warranty is for one year from the date of possession for most products. Wood drawer boxes, door hinges, and drawer slides carry a lifetime warranty. For more details, visit the warranty page.

Can I order A-One Kitchen price list or get a price quote online?

Pricing a cabinet order can be quite complex. It depends on the wood species, door style, cabinet sizes, options and upgrades you choose. Please contact us for pricing.

How do I clean and care for my cabinets?

Wipe with a damp cloth and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning solutions or scouring pads.

Clean spills promptly. While it is unlikely that allowing a spill to dry will affect the finish, cleaning promptly is always wise.

Don't hang wet towels on door or drawer fronts. Over time, this may damage the door, drawer or finish.

Don't allow children to swing on doors or to use drawers as step ladders. Bent or twisted hinges and drawer slides usually cannot be repaired. 

Visit our Cabinet Care page for more information.